It’s deadly, but not if you catch it early.

Find out how UBerCoolercular is making cancer more detectable.

Detecting Cancer

Paving the path for cancer detection via microRNA. A non-invasive, early warning system designed to catch cancer early.

Quantitative Amplification

Our precise system requires amplification in order to detect the miniscule quantities available in the body. Normally this would result in loss of quantitative data, but we’ve solved that problem.

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DNA Based

Presence of a specified RNA sequence leads simple change in the shape of DNA our structure, triggering a measurable signal.

High Specificity

┬áBy carefully designing our system so it only reacts with a specific 20 – 25 nucleotide micro RNA sequences.

Our System

An Overview

Collect Sample

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Step 4

Detect Cancer Early

Better outcomes

Faster & Cost Effective.